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-day field study trip in the country. FRONTLINE MARVELS After the outbreak, the Suzhou Jiangnan Aerospace Mechanical and Electric Industry Co.

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, Ltd. immediately mobilized nine sets of "mobile hospital" equipment to aid the makeshift hospitals in Wuhan. The equipment consists of speci

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alized vehicles that can support rescue workers in surgeries, telecommunications, electricity and other areas, according to the company. To pr

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operly handle medical waste, a kind of mobile incineration cabin, with a size of three standard containers, is used in Wuhan, which can incinerate 5 tonnes of medical w


aste daily, burning waste into harmless ashes within 20 minutes, said the developer Nanjing Luzhou Machine Co., Ltd. 3D-prin

he virus outbreak. Accor


ted quarantine rooms are also cutting an eye-catching figure on the front line in hardest-hit Hubei Province. The rooms of about 10 square meters each are well-equipped with an air-conditioner

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